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INDICATOR 5: # of new employment created for impact population (women, youth)
Why this indicator? What will it measure and provide information for?
This indicator measures increases in employment levels among women and youth in the impact population. This helps to emphasize employment creation in addition to micro and small enterprise development.
What Sustainable Development Goal is the indicator connected to?
* SDG Goal 1
* SDG Goal 8
Definitions and key terms
Employment: Self-employment, informal or formal employment with wages
Data and information required to calculate the indicator
Suggested method for data collection
Survey among representative sample of target group annually
Possible data sources
Survey data
Resources needed for data collection
The quantitative and qualitative data collection, storage and analysis should be conducted by CARE and partners. Partners may include research / university partners. Data collection needs to be included in the monitoring and evaluation plan and budgeted for.
Reporting results for this indicator: number of people for which the change happened
Questions for guiding the analysis and interpretation of data (explaining the how and why the change happened, and how CARE contributed to the change)
Other considerations
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