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 +Return to [[fns_supplementary_indicators| list]]
 +[[se_indicator_5_french|French ]]
 +|| **I****NDICATOR ****5****: ****# of new employment created for impact population (women, youth)** ||
 +|| **Wh****y this indicator? What will it measure and provide information for?** \\ This indicator measures increases in employment levels among women and youth in the impact population. This helps to emphasize employment creation in addition to micro and small enterprise development. ||
 +|| **Wha****t Sustainable Development Goal is the indicator connected to?** \\ * SDG Goal 1  \\ * SDG Goal 8 ||
 +|| **Definitions and key terms** \\ **Employment:​ S**elf-employment,​ informal or formal employment with wages ||
 +|| **Data and information required to calculate the indicator** ||
 +|| **Su****gg****e****sted method for data collection** \\ Survey among representative sample of target group annually ||
 +|| **Possible data sources** \\ Survey data ||
 +|| **Resources needed for data collection** \\ The quantitative and qualitative data collection, storage and analysis should be conducted by CARE and partners. Partners may include research / university partners. Data collection needs to be included in the monitoring and evaluation plan and budgeted for. ||
 +|| **Reporting results for this indicator: number of people for which the change happened** ||
 +|| **Questions for guiding the analysis and interpretation of data (explaining the how and why the change** **happened, and how CARE contributed to the change)** ||
 +|| **Other considerations** ||
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