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MEL Framework for WEE

Detailed guidance on MEL standards and processes for WEE projects globally – in particular on collecting data and reporting on the WEE Global and supplementary indicators to be used in all WEE projects.


MEL for Impact Growth Strategies

This guidance aims to provide point on what must be covered in each IGS strategy in terms of M&E; to provoke a shift in thinking to include M&E beyond quantitative data for CARE global indicators, but also to consider context and systems, multipliers and our/their role in the system, and to create a balance between learning and adapting, and accountability. If offers a process, templates, and guidelines to ensure that elements of adaptive management and complexity and systems thinking are incorporated into IGS M&E plans.

Impact Growth Strategy Complexity-Aware MEL Guidance Note

MEL for Advovacy

CARE 2020 Program Strategy Resource Manual (2019)

The CARE Program Resources Manual has been developed to provide an overview to CARE staff on how CARE works in its programs around the world, in both its humanitarian and its long-term development work. It provides links to key institutional policies and strategies, as well as to more detailed guidance developed for different stages in the programming cycle. For new staff in CARE, it provides links to the critical program frameworks, principles, tools and guidance that you will need, to ensure not only that you can meet the expectations of your specific project, program, Country Office or CARE Member, but do so in a way that connects with and contributes to broader organizational goals, strategies and approaches. For existing staff, it provides links to the latest versions of documents and guidance.

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