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PIIRS digitization

The Project and Program Information and Impact Reporting System (PIIRS) is a CI-wide single platform for collecting, accessing and reporting relevant information about our work. It holds annual data on the reach and impact of CARE’s projects and initiatives around the world since FY12.

Starting in 2020, the PIIRS system will be digitized into DHIS2. This page provides information around this digitization process.

June 2020 - PIIRS FY20 What the process will look like this year

General update, with a description of what to expect for the PIIRS FY20 process

January 2020 General intro to the digitization process

Introductory video and presentation, explaining the digitization process (January 2020)

Power Point PresentationPIIRS digitization Intro

February 2020 Webinars - Intro to PIIRS digitization and plan for next 6 months

Session 1
10 February, 2020
10am CET
Session 2
10 February, 2020
4pm CET
Webinar recording
Webinar recording
PPT presentation
PPT presentation session 1
PPT presentation
PPT presentation session 2

February 2020 - List of countries to be piloting the design of the system

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