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Learning Forward Series

Education: school in Cotani Caine, boys learning

In Bolivia, CARE supports community projects for rural indigenous communities in
the Andes Mountains. 

Aims of the projects: 
improvement of the living conditions of the communities by strengthening their
ability to organize themselves and to enable them to help themselves.
Measurements for example: income generating activities, support the building of
community centers, measurements to reduce malnourishment in the longterm and to
improve health in general, improve education, reduce poverty, adaptation to...The CARE USA PPL initiated the “Good Enough Learning Pilot” in 2017 to stimulate a culture of learning practice within Country Offices. 5 country offices (Benin, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Malawi, and Niger) were each given $25,000 to define learning questions and execute a plan to answer cross-cutting questions of interest with support from PPL. The case studies and reports detailed here document CARE’s journey towards building a learning culture within the organization – one that helps us pause, reflect, and learn how to increase the scale and impact of CARE’s programs.

Check out the Good Enough Learning Agenda Brief describing what we learned overall from this experience


Country Learning Briefs


Country Learning Reports







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