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The CARE International Humanitarian Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning group

Welcome to the CI Humanitarian MEAL group

The CI Humanitarian MEAL group acts as a reference team to to strengthen CARE’s approach to humanitarian MEAL with the following objectives:

  • Identify, prioritise and address areas of weakness in MEAL in CARE’s humanitarian programmes/responses;
  • Create a Humanitarian MEAL Reference group and through this undertake a mapping of what exists within the organisation, capture and learn from good practice, and build on existing tools, processes, methods and approaches;
  • Produce standard guidelines, templates and tools (including integration with relevant initiatives in the MEL Working Group) and use this to update Chapter 9 of the CARE Emergency Toolkit;
  • Emphasise use of technology and other innovative approaches for effective and efficient MEAL;
  • Disseminate and roll-out resources developed throughout the organisation, including a focus on capacity building for CO staff and ensuring that roster MEAL experts receive orientation.

Full Terms of Reference:2019-01-08_hummeal_wg_tor.docx

For information, please contact: Uwe Korus, Victoria Palmer or Margaux Saillard

Guidance for setting up Feedback and Complaints Mechanisms

A summary guide on key steps and recommendations for setting up Feedback and Complaints Mechanisms


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