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INDICATOR 4: Livelihood Protection Deficit
Why this indicator? What will it measure and provide information for?
This indicator uses the household economy approach (HEA) methodology to determine households’ survival and livelihoods protection thresholds. It is also used to determine their ability to meet their needs, using their coping strategies, as per the baseline during shocks. People’s ability to gain access to enough food, rather than only their ability to produce it themselves, determines their level of food security. The Household Economy Approach is a livelihoods-based framework for analyzing the way people obtain access to the things they need to survive and prosper.
What Sustainable Development Goal is the indicator connected to?
* SDG Goal 1
* SDG Goal 2
Definition and key terms
Livelihood protection deficit: A situation in which total resources are insufficient to cover both livelihood expenditures and survival costs. Households may have enough to meet their survival needs but income is insufficient to pay for necessary livelihood inputs as well as school fees and medicine.
Data and information required to calculate the indicator
Suggested method for data collection
Possible data sources
Resources needed for data collection
Reporting results for this indicator: number of people for which the change happened
* Change in expenditure patterns in % terms, especially on items such as food, health, education, housing, transportation, clothing fuel and water among others.
* Change in % share devoted to food is a proxy of food insecurity. When a HH spend more than 75% of its resources on food other essential expenses have to be cut thus undermining the welfare of its individuals.
Questions for guiding the analysis and interpretation of data (explaining the how and why the change happened, and how CARE contributed to the change)
* Reporting Purpose: þBaseline þProgress þ Evaluation
* Baseline: How did people meet their needs prior to the crisis?
* Progress: Have post-crisis levels been re-established?
Other considerations
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