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Data Visualization tips

The following documents provide some tips and takeaways to consider when creating data visualizations.


Once you know what type of visualization(s) you intend to create, it may be helpful to use already CARE branded templates in an excel spreadsheet, here. A PowerPoint of CARE branded chart templates is also available, here.

Examples of data visualizations with PIIRS data

Below are several examples of how regions and countries have visualized their FY 16 PIIRS data.

The Southern Africa IGS - FY16 PIIRS Impact Data is a document that provides data visualization of Southern Africa IGS impact/outcome.


The PIIRS Data – Bangladesh is a document that provides data visualization of direct and indirect participants reached in Bangladesh compared to direct and indirect participants reached globally.


Program Strategy Outcome (“Outcome Area”) Guidance is a document that lists the sectors that make up each Program Strategy Outcome. This may be helpful when creating data visualizations by outcome area.


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