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Welcome to the CARE International wiki for Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning!

This wiki is a CI-wide collaboration space, created with the aim of providing with regular updates on resources and tools for different elements of the CARE International agenda around Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning. It is also a space where CARE colleagues from around the world can provide input and connect ideas and experiences.

The wiki aims to provide you with:

Resources on how CARE conceptualizes MEL (approach, principles and standards) and CARE's frameworks to demonstrate its contribution to lasting change.

Practical tools, guidance and resources on CARE's global database system: REACH and IMPACT data collected via the Project and Program Information and Impact Reporting system (PIIRS).

Practical tools, guidance and training opportunities on different aspects of MEL practice : setting up MEL systems; using qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods; translating evidence into learning and action; data visualization tips; capacity building in MEL.

Information on the global MEL agenda and the teams behind these efforts: the CARE International MEL group, MEL community of practice and others.

<font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;#f39c12;;inherit>The site will be updated on a regular bases. If you don't find what you are looking for or have questions, please contact Ximena Echeverria or Korinne Chiu

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